The Latest Tight-Pants Extremism: Man Leggings!

From left, Givenchy, Bernhard Willhelm, John Galliano. Photo: Imaxtree

What could be more mantastic than the man purses on the Milan men's runways? The man leggings on the Paris men's runways, that's what! Well, maybe they not more mantastic (apples and oranges, really), but they certainly hold a candle. Bernhard Willhelm's two-toned version hearkens back to Renaissance court jesters, while Givenchy's shiny scrunched pair look suspiciously similar to the ones they showed on women for fall. Meanwhile, John Galliano's fabulous neon-pink pair are like American Apparel gear (only significantly better, obviously). In any case, we've certainly witnessed a shrinking of below-the-belt fashions for men over the past couple years. After all, why should tightness stop at skinny jeans? We can only imagine what next season will bring — if they have any pants left at all. —Sharon Clott