Truncated: London Fashion Week

Photo: Photo-illustration: Getty Images, iStockphoto

We don't blame designers for not wanting to partake in Fashion Week on Labor Day. Someone has to keep the sand on Hamptons beaches warm. The holiday falls on the first Monday in September, and fashion shows usually kick off right after. Except next year's spring Fashion Week would have been an issue. So the CFDA is shaking up dates well in advance, starting with the fall shows in February, to prevent anyone from showing on the holiday in September (you still with us?). The council has pushed back the start date of the fall shows from February 6 to February 13. They will run through the 20th. However, London's Fashion Week was slated to begin during that time. So London has decided to do that whole proverbial stiff-upper-lip thing and cram its Fashion Week into just four days, from February 21 through February 24. The next day, Milan starts. This seems kind of unfair to London. But rather than pitching a fit or proposing more compromises, like, say, encouraging other cities to shave off a day or so, London is just letting New York and the rest of the world have its ways. At least the CFDA can't touch the almighty pound.

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