Victoria Beckham to Unveil Her First Fancy Dress Collection at New York Fashion Week

Photo: Getty Images

As if we needed new reasons to look forward to Fashion Week. But here's a great one: Victoria Beckham will probably debut her new fancy dress collection with a show in New York. If you were still clinging to the idea she's down-market (understandable with her silly and — at times — downright tacky Spice Girls reunion tour outfits) get over it, because her new "POSH frocks" are anything but. "It will be something completely different from what I've ever done," she tells WWD. "I'm just putting it together at the moment, but they will be very upscale dresses and likely will start at around $1,200 retail. I'm going to be using very expensive fabrics and finishes, lots of embroideries." Eventually she hopes to branch out into shoes and bags, but can't do those now because she's a "control freak" and doesn't want to expand too fast. And if she wants to sell her threads for $1,200, she needs to make sure they're really, really, ridiculously good-looking (honestly — even L.A.M.B. doesn't cost nearly that much).

Posh also refuses to do sportswear because she only likes to do things that are "true" to herself, that she would wear herself. "Sports and me don't really go hand-in-hand — other than with my husband," she added. Oh rub it in, Posh. Rub it in.

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