Video: Charlie Rose Really Wants Marc Jacobs to Talk About Himself

Marc Jacobs went on Charlie Rose earlier this week with Interview owner Peter Brant and co-editorial director Glenn O'Brien to help promote the revamped magazine. They mostly talk about Andy Warhol (Marc Jacobs appears dressed as Warhol on the cover of the current issue), and Jacobs stays pretty quiet for the first fifteen minutes of the segment. He evidently doesn't want to stray from the Interview topic. But Rose had a hankering for some non-Interview Jacobs dish, so he randomly turns to the designer in the middle of the segment and asks, "So how is your life today? I read you've been up and down and around, as everybody knows. But the talent hasn't — the business hasn't changed?" Jacobs replies with a series of "I'm great"s. But Rose wants the good stuff, so he asks, "What turns you on today?" At last Jacobs strays from topic and talks about the Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince collaborations he did with Louis Vuitton. Fast-forward to minute fifteen for Marc goodness.