Video: Getting to Know Candy Pratts Price

We just stumbled upon this video tribute to Candy Pratts Price,'s executive fashion editor, shown at the CFDA awards before she received her honorary award. As tributes go, this one's pretty entertaining. Maybe it's Kate Moss imitating Candy in a deep voice: "You don't have a Birkin? Oh my God, you have to have one — we're going straight back to Hermès now." Or when Anna Wintour searches for a better word to describe Candy other than "fashion...nista," with awkward scare quotes. But we think maybe it's just Candy. Margherita Missoni says, "She's always the last one to leave my parties." Candy herself says, "We were at dinner at Mr. Chow, and I was bored stiff and I tied everyone's skirt to the tablecloth." Or when someone says, "If you're using ground water, you can get bacteria," and Candy snickers, in response, "Not if you put vodka in it." Watch, worship, enjoy.

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