Agyness Deyn to D.J. at the Plumm Tomorrow

Photo: Courtesy of the Plumm

Since when did D.J.-ing become that thing all the cool fashion people do? Just the other day we learned Naomi Campbell, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney would D.J. live on Nick Knight's Website starting July 9. And today we learn Agyness Deyn is jumping on the D.J. bandwagon with a guest stint at the Plumm tomorrow. She's really holding fast to this whole music thing, bless her heart. A rep from the Plumm tells us Deyn will spin a "heady mix of her favorite rock groups, featuring songs by The Strokes, Sex Pistols, and The Ramones." (The Strokes are obviously one of her favorites since she's dating one of its members, Albert Hammond Jr.)

You have Friday off, so you have no excuse for missing this one. After all, isn't the flyer enticing? It's so spunky, so punky, so … Deyn.