Anouck Lepère's New Gig: Boden Catalog Model

Photo: Boden

Yesterday our Boden catalog came in the mail. That's right, with the help of a mailman and everything. We enjoy flipping through catalogs after long, hard days on the blog. Even if, like Boden's, they're full of clothes for 37-year-old moms that make us think of Talbot's, looking at paper is just so soothing on weekday evenings. When we got to page 76 of this 170-page clunker, we found a true gem, and we're not talking about that cute faded red henley — we're talking about Anouck Lepère.

Yes, that's Jefferson Hack's fiancée frolicking across the new Boden catalog — 35 pages of it, in fact. Now this, readers, is the woman who appeared on the cover of French Playboy in June, starred in the Miu Miu resort presentation, and previously shot campaigns for Bally and Jimmy Choo. She's edgy and high fashion. For her, doing Boden is like Gisele doing L.L. Bean. Something about seeing Anouck buying catalog bread and taking her catalog children to the catalog playground in a dotty flower skirt just feels a little off.

So why the mom-friendly catalog? Probably the same reason so many models turn to catalogs: They pay the bills. But even though looking at the latest Boden felt strange, we think Anouck's gig is great. We mean, who doesn't like a dash of high fashion with her 170-page serving of Boden? —Sharon Clott