Carla Bruni Wants a Baby!

Carla Bruni Photo: Getty Images

Celebrities who want, have, or are about to have babies don't really interest us (okay, except Angelina — we are human, after all). We'd been wondering if our lack of interest in all those tabloid covers meant something was wrong with us deep down inside. Leave it to Carla Bruni to excite that inner dormant place. According to the Daily Mail, when asked if she was pregnant, she told Paris-based VSD magazine she wants a baby. Sarko's baby:

“No, unfortunately not. I wonder if my stomach’s got bigger, because everyone is asking me the same question.

'I’m not pregnant and I regret it because I love it when I am.

'Will it happen? It’s difficult for me to say. It’s much more difficult at 40 than it is at 25.'

Bruni has one son from a previous relationship, Aurélien, who is 7 years old. But gosh, she just gets more and more exciting, doesn't she? She's already got a high-profile nude photo and a song about rolling up her guy and smoking him under her belt, and now she wants to have the French president's baby! First comes shocking marriage, then comes oodles of Dior, then comes … maternity Dior?! Deeeeep breaths.

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