Christian Makes Bank With Fierce Hair, Fierce Book; We're Fiercely Over It

Feeling fierce today? Photo: Getty Images

With the fifth season of Project Runway premiering on Wednesday, you can finally forget about last season's winner Christian Siriano. Oh, who are we kidding? His Fierceness isn't ready to share the spotlight with anyone. This week Christian told Details that he's branching into hair products by doing a project with TRESemmé called "Fierce Hair" (seriously) as well as taking on the literary world by penning a book about the millions of ways to be fierce, complete with quotes from Heidi Klum (who he says is very skinny now), Vanessa Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and more.

We must've been fools to think he already exhausted all the uses of these catch phrases on his way to the top. Nope! He's capitalizing, hard-core. "It's making me money and that's wonderful," Siriano said. "Shoot, if they want to use my words, that's fine. Just pay me — I don't want to be a struggling designer forever."

Certainly we appreciate his frankness — everyone's gotta make a buck. But when our mom called a stranger's outfit a "hot tranny mess," we realized enough is enough. We've hit our fierceness limit. Let's remember, Christian didn't just win Project Runway for his personality. Now it's time to let his clothes speak for themselves. —Sharon Clott

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