Don’t Call Gisele the Sexiest Woman in the World

You'll always be sexy to us. Photo: Courtesy of V Magazine

On the cover of V magazine’s fall-preview issue, out today, Gisele sports torn and tattered ass-less denim more worthy of Brooke Hogan than a supermodel. Inside the issue, the Brazilian bombshell admits the clothing isn’t exactly to her taste. “I’m a tomboy and a goofball. Never in my life would I wear anything close to these clothes.” Whew! You had us worried there for a second. But see, Gisele's actually more concerned about how kids are being raised than by her wardrobe issues. “I remember when I was a kid and how I was inspired. I read stories about Ghandi and world leaders — they were amazing. What are the kids aspiring to be in American culture? I worry about having children.” We're guessing they aspire to be pop stars and models, but that's just us. Anyway, she continues. “The other day at the airport I stopped to buy a magazine — like design magazines, like Architectural Digest — and I saw this little girl maybe 15, who had five magazines, all gossip magazines! I wanted to ask her mother, ‘Why is your daughter reading this garbage? What do you think it’s going to inspire your daughter to do with her life?’” So clearly she's over the gossip mags and tabloid covers. But what of the Sexiest Woman in the World honors she’s been given over the years? “I. Don’t. Give. A. Shit! Do I look like I care?” That'd be a no. —Kendall Herbst