Guess Who Mr. I ♥ Models Anthony Weiner’s Getting Money From?

Anthony Weiner. Photo: Getty Images

A while ago we told you about Rep. Anthony Weiner's bill that would make it easier for foreign models to get visas to work in this country. The story sort of died down, but today the New York Post brings it back with a twist! Weiner is running for mayor and released his campaign filing yesterday. Guess what constituency gave him a fair amount of contributions? Members of the modeling biz! The Post reports he collected at least $7,125 from 14 people associated with the industry between January 12 and July 11. Cory Bautista of NY Models in Los Angeles wrote Weiner the largest check of them all, for $1,500.

Weiner's raised $1.4 million over the past six months, more dough by far than any of the other Democratic candidates. One of his supporters told the Post, "The $7,000 he took from the modeling industry doesn't even represent one percent of his contributions." True, but it sure is fun to fuss over this kind of stuff anyway.


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