Heidiwood’s Fall Look Book Has Arrived!

Photo: Courtesy of Anchor Blue

The look book for Heidi Montag's fall Heidiwood collection for Anchor Blue is out — and it's just as Heidi-riffic as the last! (Though after this round, we hope your sleep patterns return to normal.) All the looks are, of course, modeled by Heidi herself. Really, why should she hire a model when she's blossomed into the young woman we all want to be? Since this is the fall collection, Montag's left the infamous inseam-less shorts out of it, but she does offer one very short pleated skirt. And for your office-ready wardrobe needs, Heidi's got a rather conservative dress that falls multiple inches below her fingertips. Lest the collection feel too modest, however, four of the seven tops in the line expose a good bit of midriff.

Heidiwood [Achor Blue]
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