Justin Timberlake Looks Like a Waiter on ‘Fashion Rocks’

Sasha Pivovarova, Dhani Harrison, and André "3000" Benjamin. Photo: Fashion Rocks

You've probably just been dying to see the cover of this year's Fashion Rocks, Condé Nast's annual September ode to the fusion between fashion and music. And look who landed the cover! Justin Timberlake all by his lonesome (Jennifer Lopez posed solo on the cover last year; Beyoncé and Jamie Foxx posed together in 2006). But why does JT look like the only thing missing from his outfit is a silver tray of canapés? We get that he's probably trying to channel Karl Lagerfeld and, in doing so, subversively implant himself in our psyches as the world's next great fashion designer — don't forget, his inexplicably named William Rast clothing line is about to launch its first full collection. But when we look at this, we just think "waiter" — and a disgruntled one at that.

We also got a preview of André "3000" Benjamin's spread and Sasha Pivovarova's spread with Dhani Harrison, son of Beatle George Harrison (no, we don't know why they pose together, but does Fashion Rocks really need "reasons"?).