Mary-Kate Olsen Eats, Shuns Booze, Befriends Stam

Mmm, meat! Photo: Photo-illustration: Everett Bogue;
Photos: Getty Images, FilmMagic, iStockphoto

It seems Mary-Kate Olsen and Jessica Stam are new besties. Fox News reports the gals have not only been palling around together, but that Stam has been a wonderfully positive and healthy influence on Olsen, helping turn her bout with eating disorders into a thing of the past. The ladies hit up not one but two barbecues together on the Fourth in the Hamptons, where they were seen "happily chowing down."

Dressed in a long black sweater and high heels, we’re told a healthy and glowing Olsen was actually laughing (big surprise) and was a total social butterfly as she happily floated around with Stam and her girlfriends from NYU.

Interestingly, Olsen chose not to associate with the male party peeps.

We never heard Olsen had a social life connected in any way at all to NYU, but it sounds positive and healthy, so we'll go with it! Also, Olsen wasn't just glowing and laughing because of the delightful effects of alcohol. Au contraire, friends — she drank bottled water the whole night.

But while she might be well fed, sober, and happy looking for the first time in a long time, she still refused to let anyone photograph her. We wonder if interest will fade if she continues the healthy streak. You know how the media's sick like that.

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