‘Project Runway’ Season-Five Guest Judges Include Apolo Ohno, Rachel Zoe, RuPaul

Project Runway guest judges Apolo Ohno, RuPaul, and Rachel Zoe. Photo: Getty Images

We know you have a spot reserved on someone's couch this Wednesday for the season-five premiere of Project Runway on Bravo (possibly the last watchable season of the show). And we just received the list of guest judges to further titillate you! They include Diane Von Furstenberg, Sandra Bernhard, Apolo Ohno, Brooke Shields, LL Cool J, RuPaul, Rachel Zoe, Cynthia Rowley and Francisco Costa.

This is fabulous Monday-morning news! We love how Bravo's throwing Ohno in there to get its own little slice of the Olympics pie. We were hoping for a swimsuit challenge, but skating is so much better! Sure, this is just like the Sasha Cohen challenge back in season two, but who doesn't love sequins?

We're also delighted to see RuPaul's name on the list. Could this mean a drag contest? Dare we dream? And say what you will about Rachel Zoe, but we can't wait to see which printed muumuu creation she'll wear in that judge's chair. We know she values kindness, so we're also eager to see if she'll practice what she preaches in that department.

Let the countdown begin…