Rami Kashou and Christian Siriano’s Boyfriend Injured in Separate Fights

Rami Kashou and Brad Walsh with Christian Siriano. Photo: WireImage

Two separate violent incidents left Rami Kashou and Christian Siriano's boyfriend, Brad Walsh, injured last week. Kashou reportedly got in a fight at West Hollywood gay bar Abbey Thursday night. According to BlackBook, an onlooker saw another clubgoer hit Kashou in the head with a martini glass, "leaving him bleeding from head to toe." The witness said Kashou was taken away in an ambulance. Yesterday, Bravo reported Kashou is shaken up but okay.

Walsh is still recovering from injuries suffered at the hands of a Yuengling-beer-truck driver last week. After the truck almost hit him and another pedestrian at Spring Street and Sixth Avenue, the driver got out and followed Walsh down the street. Walsh said, "The driver … called me a 'faggot' several times, punched me really hard in the jaw, knocked my stuff onto the sidewalk, and went back to his truck." He's suffering from a sore neck and other physical and emotional distress.

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