Introducing the Sixteen-Hour Face; M.A.C’s Starflash Collection Hits the Web

Starflash by M.A.C. Photo: Courtesy of M.A.C

• The makeup primer from Skindinavia worked for this tester; it kept her makeup on for sixteen hours. But unless you need a sixteen-hour face because you're someone like Michelle Obama, why put your pores through that kind of torture? [Beauty 411]

• The Starflash collection from M.A.C is now available online. Saturated Starflash eye shadows include Star by Night, a cerulean blue, and Talent Pool, a deep aquamarine. [Temptalia]

• Revlon sold a group of its Brazilian brands for $104 million to Hypermarcas, a Brazilian consumer-products group. That's $94 million after taxes, and reps from Revlon said they didn't know how they were going to spend the money yet. [Cosmetic News]

• Rodeo Drive by Chanel is "grapier" than other violet colors. Think purple, not lavender. [Casual Lavish]

• A Texas public school district told the family of a 5-year-old that he can't enroll in kindergarten because his hair is too long (it reaches his chest) and goes against the dress code. Backward. [BellaSugar]