The Leggings LiLo Designed Are Now on Sale!

6126 Leggings Photo:

Behold! The first items up for sale from Lindsay Lohan's leggings line, fittingly called 6126 after Marilyn Monroe's birthday. You can now buy them at L.A.-based store Intuition. We know what you're thinking — just in time for the hottest weeks of the year! But these are not for the comfort of an air-conditioned gym by any means. Those leopard ankle gloves cost $42, and the "Mr. President" leggings with the built-in real leather knee pads (go ahead and make an unsavory sex joke in your head) are $142. The shiny "Glimmer" leggings are a bit less at $99, but if you want the pair with side vents in the form of shiny silver zippers, be prepared to shell out $123. So while these would make you the envy of everyone in Pilates class, the price points illustrate they're far more suited for wear to a high-end nightclub than a smelly workout studio. They only come in sizes 0, 1, 2, and 3, which could be Lindsay's interpretation of the S, M, L scale. Or maybe these are just made for skinny people.

6126 by Lindsay Lohan [Shop Intuition]
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