Tinsley Mortimer Explains How to Become Popular

Tinsley with friends Fabiola Beracasa and Max Azria. Photo: Getty Images

We just received our very own copy of The Park Avenue Diet (beach body here we come!). In addition to groundbreaking weight-loss tips (don't overeat! Avoid processed foods!), the book offers tips on how to feel beautiful on the inside. Tinsley Mortimer penned the chapter on interpersonal skills. Her "winning combination of charitable contributions, elegant beauty, and entrepreneurial savvy" and the fact that she "has excelled at tennis" make her an expert on the topic. She writes:

Maybe you are not the tallest or the prettiest person, but this is your one chance on Earth to enjoy the beauty of life. And one of life's greatest joys is the blessing of companionship, the bonds between you and others whether friends, family, or new acquaintances. Close, honest relationships will in turn make you a happier persona and will also make you want to focus even more carefully on your appearance and behavior.

…The more you love yourself — and prove this by taking care of yourself — the more people will want to be your friends.

So being self-obsessed but not letting anyone know will make us popular? How do we do it, Tinz?!

We've condensed her tips into a handy bulleted list.

• "Do not judge people beforehand, quickly, or superficially; try to like them and get to know them as individuals."

• "Be sincere, be inclusive, be respectful, and be positive."

• "Show respect to everyone. Even a person in the lowest imaginable job is a human being with feelings."

• "Don't put on a façade when you interact with other people."

• "If you have been the guest in someone's home, have received a present, or have simply been treated specially, always send a thank-you note on lovely stationery … Put down that Blackberry — e-mails are inadequate."

Oh, Tinz! We could have come up with those ourselves. This is exactly how the fashion industry operates, after all.

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