Two Bucks Gets You a Coach Bag at the Jersey Shore

Feeling lucky? Photo: Amina Akhtar

This past weekend some of your dedicated Cut staff went to the beach, but not the fancy ol' Hamptons part. No, we went budget and hit the Jersey shore (sometimes we gotta keep it real). So there we were, drinking piña coladas on the Point Pleasant boardwalk, and we couldn't help but marvel at the ubiquity of Coach bags slung over the rather muscular and tattooed arms of the ladies. And then, what do you know, we came across this ingenious machine. Sure, we've all tried to get stuffed animals out with that claw, but Coach bags?

As our eye-hand coordination is a bit off, especially after our third colada, we didn't give it a go — so we can't vouch for the authenticity of the bags. But something tells us you may as well hit Canal Street. —Amina Akhtar