Video: Avril Lavigne Tries to Get Excited About Her New Clothing Line

Avril Lavigne's juniors' line for Kohl's hits stores this month just in the nick of time for back-to-school shopping. To get all of us excited at the prospect of looking like Avril, Kohl's made this promotional video with the singer-designer. Trouble is, it's hard for us to get into a frenzy about the skull-and-crossbones T-shirts, fingerless gloves, and studded belts Avril designed (ahem) when she doesn't seem all that thrilled. She almost musters a genuine smile in the intro, but her eyes are so tarred up with black eyeliner we just don't feel like we can connect. (Not to mention, no smile is complete if the eyes aren't included, as Tyra Banks taught us.) Though she says she can't go without her Abbey Dawn purple zebra hoodie, she can't even pick a favorite outfit. "I loved it all," she deadpans. Press play to see what we mean.

Poor Avril [Perez Hilton]

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