Vivienne Westwood Liked the Clothes in ‘Sex and the City’ After All!

Vivienne Westwood Photo: Getty Images

A little while back disturbing reports surfaced that Vivienne Westwood was "completely uninterested" by the clothes in the Sex and the City movie. Rumor had it that, even though she designed the most fabulous dress in the movie, she was so turned off by the clothes she left the premiere after just ten minutes. But today British Vogue reports that the rumor's not true at all! Westwood told the magazine:

"I stayed throughout the film, and was overjoyed to see Sarah Jessica in her beautiful wedding dress; furthermore, I have been delighted to notice recently how well young girls are dressing, and that they have clearly been inspired by the film."

Ah, we just regained our state of Zen.

Westwood's Real Opinion [British Vogue]
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