Ali Lohan’s First Solo Cover: ‘Supermodels Unlimited’


"No longer in her sister's shadow, Ali Lohan is rapidly becoming the nation's hottest solo act," trumpets Supermodels Unlimited magazine. What? You've never heard of SU because you don't subscribe and read it every night before you fall asleep at night? Well, now you know it's at the apex of all things pop culture you need to know about for your next cocktail party. The bi-monthly landed Ali for its July/August issue — her first solo cover. Inside they have more pictures of the burgeoning superstar including her posing with a giant pink chewing-gum bubble eating half her face. They even managed to steal a few moments with the singing cherub for a Q&A. She doesn't address Lindsay's sexuality, but she does reveal she loved working with Lindsay on her self-directed music video "Confessions of a Broken Heart" because "she told me what to do and what not to do so it was a very cool experience." Riveting. Also, she's thinking really hard about what to name her new album because it's a "very big deal." Deep. And she talks briefly about being a Ford model as a child, adding that she still enjoys modeling "to this day." Hear that, magazine editors? Don't get too excited because you'll have to fight us for her.

Oh, Really? [Dlisted]