Barack Obama Will Wear a Union-Made Suit for His Big Speech Tonight

That's what a 33-inch waist looks like. Photo: Getty Images

Like us, you're dying to know what Barack Obama will wear when he makes his big speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight. The Chicago Tribune reports that he'll wear "a classic two-button, navy, merino wool and cashmere suit from Chicago-based Hartmarx Corp." The company told the paper they even sent two tailors to his house to measure him for the bespoke suit, which took four days to make. Hartmarx makes the Hickey Freeman label, but Obama is going with Hart Schaffner Marx label, made by union workers. That's right — it's fashion with a message. As the Huffington Post says, "Supporting good wages, respect at the workplace and the kind of good jobs that keep a country healthy never go out of fashion." (Or maybe he read about Luci Baines Johnson's fashion advice to Jenna Bush: Make sure the wedding dress has a union label.) Will McCain follow suit? We'll find out next week.

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