Bronze Medalists Receive Free Bronzer; Get Wait-listed for Black Lip Gloss

Nastia Liukin, probably pre-bronzer. Photo: AFP/Getty Images


• Physicians Formula is sending all the Olympic bronze medalists, like U.S. gymnast Nastia Liukin, a lifetime supply of bronzers in honor of their wins. There's no consolation for not winning like endless fake-tanning supplies. [WWD]

• We're lusting after this black lip gloss from Lancôme created by the company's new director, Aaron de Mey. It costs $48, and it's just so dark and dreamy we need it right now. The wait list for its November rollout begins today so our name will see yours on it. [Beauty Blog/Teen Vogue]

• CVS is making an attempt at prestige, with plans to open Beauty 360 at the end of this year, a store that would house 32 beauty lines (excluding fragrances). If only we didn't know it was run by CVS, we'd think of it as the next Sephora. [WWD]

• The new fall color by Nars is a berry-brick red called Rebel Yell. But the color neither looks rebellious nor screams at us. We just think it's pretty. [Beauty Girl Musings]

Burberry announced plans to launch Burberry the Beat for Men this fall, a scent meant to evoke feelings of youth and effortless. It will come in $26 deodorant in January. Yesssss! [WWD]

• Now there's a fragrance called Ageless Fantasy billed by the creator as the "world's first anti-age perfume." Seriously? We just don't even know where to begin. [WWD]