Casting Call: Real Women Wanted for Major Fashion Layouts

Photo: Photo illustration: iStockphoto

So, what do you do at work all day? Perhaps you repair carburetors or design the interiors of restaurants or babysit Karl Lagerfeld's iPods. Maybe you make prosthetic limbs or even cure cancer. Whatever it is, a fashion magazine is looking for "real women" with "interesting careers" to shoot for "major fashion layouts." So, if that sounds like you and you're between 20 and 30 years old, five foot five and five foot eleven, and wear a 2 to 6 dress size, you qualify to be one of those real women. Just think — if you get picked, you get to do all the fun things involved in photo shoots, like wear designer clothes, get your hair and makeup fabulously done, and have interns fetch you iced coffee and other assorted beverages. If you qualify and feel like indulging your narcissistic side (it's okay — we all do sometimes), send an e-mail to And if you need posing tips, don't forget about Tyra Banks's instructional video on smiling.

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