Colette X Gap Images Are In, and We Want Everything!

Clockwise from top left, Trench by Andre, bow clutch by Alexis Mabille, denim jacket by Olympia Le Tan, Colette room fragrance, T-shirt by Artus X Peter Arkle, Oakley/Colette sunglasses, hoodie key ring by Anne-Marie Herckes, Delhomme/Collete scented candle, Asics/Colette sneakers. Photo: Courtesy of Colette

As we anxiously await the opening of Colette X Gap on September 6, we’ve scored a few images from the collaborative, star-studded stash. Apparel will include this Gap denim “Dreamer” jacket by Olympia Le Tan, a customized trench by French graffiti artist André (the belt reads "Andre & Colette hearts New York & Paris"), and illustrated collaborative tees by a mix of French and New York artists and brands, among them Genevieve Gauckler, Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Peter Arkle, Claw Money, Miss.Tic, and Clements Ribeiro. Check out a smattering of accessories below, like this sweet Alexis Mabille clutch, neon-blue Asics sneakers, Oakley shades with star-printed plastic frames, and a tiny knit key ring from Anne-Marie Herckes. The final haul will include an expanded array of crowd-pleasers — a Hello Kitty watch and ties by Adam Kimmel. But we’ll be rushing the doors along with you opening day to get our hands on a Ruben Toledo tee (just part of our never-ending plan to stalk the Toledos. Sigh).

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