Crocs Go High Fashion in Paris ‘Vogue’?

Photo: Ryan McGinley for French Vogue, Courtesy of Gold Digger

Here you see Raquel Zimmermann in a spread obtained by Gold Digger, which, the bloggers say, is part of the September French Vogue. N.B. her footwear: bright-orange Crocs. Why, upon your stars, indeed! As we said, we can't be certain this shot is a part of the issue, but if it is, would that be the first sign that Crocs are, gulp, just maybe okay to actually wear? Or is Raquel wearing them because she's standing in a room that could have sharp rusty screws on the ground and the stylist figured they may as well use them to protect her feet while preserving the atmosphere and making an ironic fashion statement? Where is Carine Roitfeld when there are so many questions to be answered?! We've got more photos from the actual spread after the jump, though nary another Croc in sight.

gold digger exclusive: french vogue september 2008 [Gold Digger via Fashionologie]