‘Project Runway’ Coda: Emily’s Line Is No Better Than Her Ruffle Dress

Photo: Courtesy of Smoke & Mirrors

On the most recent episode of Project Runway, Emily Brandle's awkward ruffle dress earned her the boot. Now that she's had several weeks between now and when the episode was taped to think about what she did, does she regret not making something less offensive? Of course not! She tells Entertainment Weekly:

I was shocked that I got kicked off! What were they thinking? … You know, fashion is subjective. For whatever reason, the judges and/or producers thought it was my time to go. I wouldn't change my dress. You know, I stand by it.

She explains she had originally intended for the dress to be entirely covered in ruffles but nixed that idea. Even after Tim Gunn politely expressed that he thought her dress looked kind of crappy, but more ruffles might, well, make it work:

[W]hat they don't show is that it's a 20- or 30-minute conversation that you have with Tim … So yes, I did change course after we talked, and I ended up kind of coming back to something that was simpler. I was adding more ruffles, and it just wasn't going where I wanted it to go. It wasn't jelling.

She says her Smoke & Mirrors collection, which she's been making with her business partner for a year and a half, is a testament to her talent. Let's take a look at her collection to decide if it really is, hm?

We're quite surprised these pieces earned her a spot on the show. They look like something a Jenny Humphrey would cobble together, but instead of ripping off Henri Bendel, she's going for Joyce Leslie with a dash of Frederick's of Hollywood.

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Smoke & Mirrors Clothing

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