Erin Wasson Has a Clothing Line Now

Erin Wasson Photo: Getty Images

Erin Wasson's career has been rather turbulent lately. Last week rumors flooded the blogosphere that her jewelry design was awfully similar to Bliss Lau's. And yesterday WWD mentioned Wasson was no longer serving as Alexander Wang's stylist-muse. But today more positive things are on her horizon: She just inked a three-year deal to design a line for RVCA, and Opening Ceremony has already bought the spring 2009 collection. Now that she's finished her stint working with Wang (but they're still friends!), she actually has time for these things, you see. Wasson's first collection for the surf-and skate-inspired label includes denim cutoffs, a wool miniskirt, a silk button-down with thunderbolts, and a blazer with a zipper up the back. If it sounds very Alex Wang to you (maybe minus the thunderbolts), that's because Wasson says, "We have the same thought about what a girl should look like." And as for the Bliss Lau scandal? “I have the utmost respect for Bliss Lau,” Wasson told WWD. “I admire and appreciate what she has done for the jewelry industry.” And as for giving up her modeling career? "Oh, no, honey. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you," she said. The mark of a smart businesswoman: having something to fall back on.

Erin Wasson, Designer [WWD]
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