Fox News Addresses Isis Tsunami, Angers GLAAD

You didn't really think we'd let a day go by without a post on America's Next Top Model's first transgender contestant, Isis Tsunami, did you? She's making waves so big (har) the cable news networks can't ignore her. Fox News did a segment on her the other day, and in typical Fox News fashion, threw political correctness to the wind, offending the LGBT community left and right. Anchor Gregg Jarrett had editor at large of Us Weekly Ian Drew on to discuss Isis and the "trend" of transgender contestants on reality TV. They lightheartedly banter about Isis's anatomy: "Isis — and we're looking at her here, er him here — is still anatomically a guy, right?" Jarrett asks Drew. (Jarrett annoyingly refers to Isis as "him or her" throughout.) Jarrett quotes Isis, "'My cards were dealt differently.' Boy that's an understatement." And then heartily chuckles. It's a whole big awkwardness stew. GLAAD's media watchdogs are not happy about it and are asking people who agree with them to call Fox and complain.

Fox Journo, US Editor Trash Trans Model [Queerty]
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