Giorgio Armani’s Bullfighter Outfit Draws Ire in Italy

Giorgio Armani Photo: Getty Images

We can understand why Giorgio Armani wanted to dress bullfighter Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez for the historic Goyesca de Ronda bullfight next month. After all, Ordóñez looks like a dashing sort of fellow who embodies an Armani-esque style sensibility. And who wouldn't want to make a glitzy old-school cape-tight-pants combo given the special occasion? But now the designer's facing the ire of animal-rights activists in Italy. WWD reports the 100% Animalisti group plastered posters with angry slogans on the Emporio Armani megastore in Milan early Friday morning. Not only are they upset Armani's supporting a bullfighter, they're especially disgruntled that it makes Armani look like a hypocrite. See, Armani appears in Italian ads with other celebrities urging his countrymen not to abandon their pets when they trot off for vacation, all the while declaring his love of animals. So 100% Animalisti called his support of Ordóñez "particularly despicable." Touchy stuff. Maybe Giorgio should find a male figure skater to outfit the next time he gets a hankering to design something glitzy, caped, and tight?

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