Heidi Klum Does It All, Including Partying at Marquee


Heidi Klum doesn't just host hit TV shows in the U.S. and her native Germany. No, she models and designs jeans for Jordache, designs a line of jewelry, takes care of three kids, all while rocking a size 2 with legs better than girls ten years younger than she is. And this supermom parties, too! It seems she'll be "getting jiggy with it" — possibly even "crunk" (you know she'd say stuff like that) — at Marquee on September 11, smack-dab in the middle of Fashion Week! As you see from this eye-catching invitation we received, she's celebrating the launch of her Jordache jeans line on Stardoll, that Website that lets 12-year-olds put horrendouscute CGI outfits on celebrities from Anna Wintour to Zac Efron. Heidi really knows what tweens and her fans like us want — to enjoy the thrill of seeing La Wintour rock Jordaches! Possibly with a zany accessory like a feather boa!

And if a busy bee like her can buzz out to party during the busiest week on the New York fashion calendar, we can certainly find the "jeans necessary" (she's so funny, too! How does she do it?) to make it over and clink glasses with her, even though we'll be running to a million other things that evening. Like the Zac Posen show. Gosh, we hope he starts on time.