Introducing Electionflops: The Very Confused Flip-flop

Um … yeah. Photo: Courtesy of Hotflops

So this company Hotflops that makes flip-flops for special occasions has cooked up these "electionflops." Get it? Based on that whole flip-flopper thing you just couldn't get enough of during the last election? In their own special ode to literalism, Hotflops have decided to adorn select special pairs of flops with little Barack Obama and John McCain heads. You can buy them while supplies last, for just $30. We love a good corny joke, especially in shoe form, but this one is problematic. Is one supposed to wear the heads of the candidate they support on his feet? Or the heads of the candidate they oppose to signify he's a flip-flopper who deserves to have his head, well, a centimeter away from stinky feet? It sounds like the Hotflops people don't know either. Hotflops inventor Linda Spann says in a press release, “This product is all about a fun, unique way to express yourself. There is no greater way to express yourself in this country than to vote. Electionflops let you vote — with your feet!” But Hotflops CEO Sean Jackson asks, "[I]f you really do believe that one candidate has changed his position on an issue, is there honestly a better way to express that to the world?” Oy. This is why they still make those good old-fashioned pin-on buttons and T-shirts. A bit more understated than turning one's feet into tiny presidential-nominee Medusas.

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