It’s September Already? At Least Old Navy Is Happy About It.

From left, color-block cap-sleeved dress ($29.50) with bauble bracelet ($14.50), color-trim blazer ($39.50), color-block tank dress ($29.50) with skinny belt ($12.50). Photo: Courtesy of Old Navy

Old Navy's new September looks are out. And we're wondering: Did Patrick Robinson's Gap takeover have anything to do with these? Old Navy and Gap are under the same company umbrella, after all, and we didn't know if they lent out designers to different sub-divisions to spruce up the visuals. These looks are just so … on trend! Just look at that skinny white belt cinching the two-toned tank dress or the fitted navy boy blazer with pink trim. It looks almost H&M-ish with the simple color palette and mix-and-match pieces. But alas, Robinson has nothing to do with it (he's got enough to handle with the Gap). Besides, it's Todd Oldham who has Old Navy on lock.

Ever since Oldham joined the Old Navy design squad as creative director a year ago, his influence has visibly changed the face of the brand. The biggest one being, well, before we didn't like it. And now we do. There, we said it. We know you're thinking the same thing. C'mon, you remember the crazy vanity sizing they used to have? We used to watch size 8 girls walk out of that store in size 0 jeans. And as much as we just loved the ego boost, it didn't make any sense in terms of clothes fitting correctly. Now that's all gone. Sizes fit like normal, and we're okay with it because it's better to wear clothes that make you look cute, rather than bad clothes with sizing that makes you feel good. Like that color-block dress on the above left — that would look good on pretty much anyone. Plus, it has pockets! A girl needs her pockets. —Sharon Clott

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