Janice Dickinson: Tyra Banks Is Not My Favorite Person

Janice Dickinson Photo: Getty Images

Tonight the fourth season of Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency premieres on Oxygen. If you're anything like us, you probably knew that already because you canceled your life for this special evening ages ago. But in all seriousness, perhaps Dickinson's show is the one worth paying attention to? After all, as she points out to HX, ANTM's first transgender contestant may be getting all the attention right now, but Janice already had a transgender model on her show. From HX:

The media is currently eating up the fact that there’s a transsexual model on the upcoming cycle of Top Model.
Oh, please. I did it on my show first with Claudia. But you know what? There’s not going to be a moment where Tyra’s not going to knock me off, so I’m not bothered by her.

Is there really room for a transsexual in the industry?
I think that there’s room for a gorgeous transsexual if he or she has her shit together. Transsexuality is gorgeous. My Claudia was gorgeous, and that bitch had a beat on her walk that could blow anyone away.

Have you ever received a little note or phone call from Tyra to congratulate you on the success of your show?
Are you fucking kidding me? Hell, no. Never. Nothing … Believe it, baby. Nor did I ever get a note or call thanking me for helping to put her show on the map. Whatever. She’s not my favorite person.

Aw, that's sad. We've missed Dickinson since she departed from ANTM after season four. Twiggy couldn't come close to being as loudmouthed and wacky as her. So for old time's sake, we pulled a video of Janice Dickinson's best ANTM moments of yore, after the jump.

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