Michael Phelps’s Mom in Talks to Collaborate With Chico’s

Debbie Phelps. Yay! Photo: Getty Images

You know you've gotten big when everyone wants a piece of you and your mother. Such is the case with Michael Phelps. When word got out that his mom, Debbie Phelps, packed a suitcase full of Chico's for the Beijing Games (we don't know about you, but we totally pegged her for a Chico's mom!), the label got excited and started sending out e-mails about their newest famous fan. But they figured out a better way to capitalize on America's (for now) most famous mom. The Chico's Website has a section highlighting "The Debbie Phelps Collection" that includes items she brought to Beijing and the outfit she wore for her new Johnson & Johnson commercial. WWD reports that Chico's and Debbie haven't signed any deals yet, but a Chico's spokeswoman revealed "talks are under way with her management team about potential collaborations." We know what you're thinking: She has a management team?! We feel like maybe that should annoy us, but we can't help thinking it's actually kind of fabulous.

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