New Skin Creams Include Glacier Proteins; What’s Up With Vivica Fox’s Hair?

Nail polish to the rescue! Photo: Photo:Courtesy of China Glaze


• China Glaze is a little late on the whole superhero theme. But the color names make up for missing the boat. They include Secret Peri-Winkle, Code Orange, Agent Lavender, Golden Opportunity, Revolution, and Pink Underground. [All Lacquered Up]

• Ice Elements' new skin-care creams contain the "Antarcticine" protein, which they say is found in Antarctic glaciers and aloe vera. Let's face it — it's not going to be easy to find a glacier to rub your face on. [WWD]

• The Becca brand teamed up with Bakel Technology to create a new skin-care range of serums that are fluid, which they call groundbreaking technology. Really? [Cosmetic News]

• Some say Sebastian accepted defeat when it allowed grocery stores to stock its hair-care products. But now it's created Sebastian Professional, which could restore its reputation. [eBeauty Daily]

• Vivica Fox's hairline looks quite off in recent pictures. [Awful Plastic Surgery]