Posh Sues Over Diet-Pill Allegations

Victoria Beckham Photo: Getty Images

Well, this is rich: Victoria Beckham is suing Now magazine after it printed that she takes diet pills. Oh, it gets better. The magazine claimed Beckham's sister Louise sneaked the pills over to L.A. from the U.K. Posh is reportedly "horrified" by the magazine's claims. Her agent says:

"The accusation is dangerous, defamatory and blatantly untrue.

"Victoria takes her position as a role model to young women very seriously and is horrified by this hurtful, fabricated story.

"It is now with her lawyers."

He's right — there is no way we can look up to her if she's on diet pills. We like our role models healthy, thank you very much. Remember when her British Vogue cover story came out a few months back? Alexandra Shulman interviewed her for the article and wrote when they went to lunch Beckham dined on steamed vegetables and Bellinis. So healthy! A serving of veggies and fruit in one sitting. That's the kind of image that warrants looking up to. We can understand why she's so keen on maintaining it.

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