Rachel Zoe’s Reality Show Reveals She Might Not Be Half-Bad

Looking at this makes us dizzy. Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

During February's Fashion Week, we couldn't walk five feet at a party without bumping into celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe filming for her new Bravo show, The Rachel Zoe Project, premiering September 9. The conversations she had on camera looked so staged that whenever we saw her on a couch with her celebribuddies we thought she was shooting "Cocktail Chatter With Rachel Zoe!" segments for Extra or something.

Last night Bravo aired a half-hour sneak preview of the series. And after watching the last half of it (we deferred to that little thing called "life" for the first half — so sue us), we decided if our ears can tolerate the shrill, piercing voices of the cast, we might fit it in to our busy fall-TV-watching schedule that already includes Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model, and Project Runway (because really, who needs "lives" in the fall?).

So far in Rachel land, she's just hired a new assistant named Brad. He's flamboyant and sensitive, so of course Zoe is quite fond of him. Her other assistant, Taylor, is not. Cue reality-show friction! Taylor is so mean to Brad, he starts bawling while Zoe tries to comfort him. This just makes Taylor angrier and scream more. “I don’t know if I’m Brad and Taylor’s boss or if I’m their referee,” Zoe says. Neither, honey! You're Brad's best friend and Taylor's freneboss.

When the Earth does that freak thing called "rain" in sunny L.A., Rachel's closet full of designer gowns gets flooded. Yes, the clothes get all wet. Taylor finds the damage so horrifying she lets out the most piercingly awful sound we've ever heard come out of a human being and holds the pitch for an astounding 20 or 30 seconds. She orders Brad to rush to hang the wet clothes to dry in a non-flooded room while she continues to rant and rave. Brad starts bawling. Zoe, wearing a flouncy red blouse with a short-sleeved fur jacket on top that calls to mind something a Shakespeare character might wear, says, "It’s not that bad. It’s clothes — it’s not saving lives.” Hey, she might be more sensible than we thought!

The preview of the coming season offered more of the same. Taylor rants and raves. Brad cries. Zoe utters platitudes like "Glamour is your state of mind. Glamour is fulfilling your dreams." Zoe attends Fashion Week. Zoe has to get "Kate" eight outfits for a press tour and there's no time! And, being a reality star now, Zoe reads about herself online. Guess what her blog of choice is? You're looking at it! That's right, she gets her daily dose of Cut, too (although we assume when you look at posts like this one you don't start screaming "OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD."). We told you she might not be so bad.