Richie Rich: Heatherette Is Just Taking a Breather

Richie "Skittle" Rich and Lydia Hearst. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Rumors that Heatherette designers Traver Rains and Richie Rich were parting ways have been making us fear for the sanctity of glitter. But although Traver has moved to L.A. and he and Richie are working on separate projects, Heatherette is far from dunzo, according to Rich. "It's okay — we're good friends. I love [Traver]," Rich told us at the National Underwear Day party at Espace last night. "Heatherette's just on vacation. We're going to go back to her in a bit." Whew! Glitter and unicorns shall flourish once more! "People want to hear negative things about it, but it's all good. It's all fun." Though Heatherette won't show a collection this Fashion Week, Rich will show his Hot Topic line, Celebutante, at Gotham Hall to coincide with the release of his first CD, also called Celebutante. "Nobody had to tell me what to do so whatever I wanted to do I just went for it. I was free. You know how it is — it's like having an ex-boyfriend that ran away and you're single again," Rich said. "It's like the stepchild of Heatherette, I think." Well, now that he puts it that way, we sure hope he's serious about reviving Heatherette. "I'm like a Skittle. I'm a happy person," he added. So … Celebutante is a Heatherette spawn designed by a Skittle? It's not glitter and unicorns, but we'll take it. —Sharon Clott

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