Six Fashion Co-ops That Will Make You Look Twice

Clothing designers work alongside architects and graphic designers at 5 in 1. Photo: Norman Rabinovich

New York is home to Fashion Co-op-land, a sect of stores that offer emerging designers a place to sell their up-and-coming collections. We've kept a watchful eye on the offerings at six of these, and each store's stock has something different to offer eclectic shoppers. The Dressing Room features half of an old-fashioned bar for decoration, the Love Brigade Co-op will have an end-of-summer sale in two weeks, and 5 in 1 houses H. Fredriksson dresses and cocktail rings by Made Her Think. Plus, you can find only the eco-friendliest items at Ekovaruhuset (House of Organics), art openings at the Brooklyn Collective, and crafty jewelry designs at Urban Alchemist. And it doesn't stop there. Click here to take an extended tour of the city's best fashion co-ops.
Sharon Clott

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