The Stylings of the World’s Top ‘Vogue’ Editors

Photo: Getty Images

We spend a lot of time here at the Cut obsessing over Anna Wintour. But if we were French (could you imagine?) we'd probably lavish equal attention on Carine Roitfeld. Or if we were Brits with newly devalued pounds, we'd turn our all-seeing eyes to Alexandra Shulman. And if we blogged daily from the comfort of George Clooney's crib on Lake Como, Franca Sozzani would be the apple of our eye. These ladies, as you probably know, edit Vogue in their respective countries. T magazine has a fun little guidebook of sorts to each of the fabulous four. It notes that Anna doesn't like to chat when she's sitting in the front row, Alexandra is anti-fur, Carine doesn't give a damn about dressing comfortably, and Franca hearts flats and Prada lace. After the jump we take a closer look at their individual styles with lots of pretty, full-length pictures.

T calls Anna's look "perky uptown luxe." Indeed it's hard to find her out of a dress with nice clean lines. And she has no shame in wearing things more than once in front of cameras, like the Oscar de la Renta dress pictured here, which she owns in two colors. Because one $3,000 dress is never as good as two $3,000 dresses.

T dubs Alexandra the "disheveled boho 'It' girl" who is "lobbying for... royalty-inspired frumpiness." Someone in this business has to show the world looking laid back is okay, after all.

We could probably never survive in Carine Roitfeld's shoes (literally) but we sure are in love with her style. T calls her a "hardcore fashion dominatrix." We call her fucking cool. And note the shoes here: She repeats like Anna!

T calls Franca the "minimalist heiress." She decks herself out in old family jewels. Second from the left you see her sitting front-row with A-Dubs. In all the photos from the wire of this encounter, they're not talking, as is Anna's aforementioned typical habit. Fashion takes focus, y'all.

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