The ‘Vogue’ Model Reality Show Is No ‘Agency’


Since we learned Vogue actually opted out of Project Runway, we've wondered, can they make good television? Judging solely by the first episode of Model.Live, the answer is no. No, they can't. The Internet-broadcast reality show follows three models as they complete the full Fashion Week casting circuit in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. In the first three minutes of the seven-and-a-half-minute episode, we meet the models: Cato wants to focus all her energy on being a model instead of going to college; Madeline, 20, enjoyed going to university but really wanted to travel and have fun so she became a model; Austria, 16, is from the Dominican Republic (confusing!) and is just really excited to hit the casting circuit.

The first part is nice and peachy, though we contend the depressing piano music made it seem much less exciting. But after that, we have to watch the girls' agents sitting around a table in their office drily discussing their career paths in a "strategy session." Emphasis on drily. It's a little bit creepy, the way they talk about the girls like they're trained circus animals, but watching an office meeting is boring enough to make the creepy stuff almost uninteresting. And what kind of reality show is that?

Since model reality shows are our favorite kind of reality shows, we'll continue watching Model.Live with hopes it gets more interesting. But we think Vogue's greatest challenge lies in following in the footsteps of MTV's stupendous Eighth and Ocean and VH1's The Agency, which was perhaps the greatest reality show of all time. All the models or agents need to do in Model.Live to pick up is misbehave slightly. We're sure such things are happening, but will Vogue and IMG share the footage with us?