Ass Bra Is Sure to Resolve Lingering Body Issues

The ass bra. Sexy! Photo:

We've seen underpants with ass-padding, but what about those women who want a little help shaping their derriere and yet don't want to add any extra volume? There's a void in the undergarment market, and Bubbles Bodywear has taken advantage of it: Meet the Double-O Push-Up Thong, an ass bra. "Go undercover with a license to 'shake what your mama gave you' with our new Double-O Collection!" their Website urges. The Push-Up Thong, they say, "enhances the lift, shape and volume of the derriere while also flattening the lower tummy and shaping the thigh." At $64, it's not exactly the cheapest solution to a saggy backside. At least you can probably achieve the same effect by cutting holes in your old Spanx.

Maximum Push-up Control Thong Brief [Bubbles Bodywear via Slaves to Fashion/Glamour]
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