Victoria Beckham Will Show at Fashion Week After All!

That's right. She's not going anywhere. Photo: Getty Images

Last week, Fashion Week Daily reported Victoria Beckham wouldn't show her new fancy dress collection at New York Fashion Week next month, as she had previously said she planned. Boo! Hiss! we screamed for all our office-cube neighbors to hear. But this afternoon Fashion Week Daily reported she will show after all. Yesss! Rather than a runway show, she's just doing a private, appointment-only presentation for editors and buyers. But this actually could be better than a runway show, since it might afford a better chance for bloggers like us to get face time with Posh that's more intimate than the usual backstage encounter with a famous designer in which we are bludgeoned by foreign camera crews and left on the floor disoriented and caked in dried blood and Champagne (it's not a game, people!). But if that doesn't happen, at least we know she'll be in town. So, publicists, clear a seat in the front row now.

Beckham Watch Continues! [Fashion Week Daily]
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