Video: Mary-Kate Olsen’s British ‘Elle’ Cover Shoot

Just after American Elle used Mary-Kate Olsen for its July cover, British Elle recycled the twin for its September cover. Reminds us of the time Madonna posed on covers of both American and British Elle for May. Unlike the Madonna issues, the new British Elle uses different pictures of Mary-Kate from the American July Elle. We had hoped this video from the new cover shoot would feel equally as exciting and refreshing, and you know, perhaps offer a glimpse of the real Mary-Kate. Alas, we can't say it does. Mary-Kate utters platitudes like, "I think fashion and fashion designers are always changing." You don't say. But what's worse is we just don't feel like we connect with her. Aren't celebrities supposed to pretend they're realer than you when they do these things? We don't get that sense from her at all. She seems shy and too afraid of being photographed while not pursing her lips to be herself and to make us want to be her new bestie. It's a shame because when we see celebrities in magazines, we want to want them to be our new BFFs. Watch and see what we mean.

mk's cool, weathers hot [Lola London]