Video: Siriano Calls Kate Moss a ‘Stumpy Stump,’ Britney a Tranny Mess

Have you had your fierce fix today? This video should do it for you. Christian Siriano talked to's Flypaper blog, and in one minute and 51 seconds he managed to make us cringe. First, in response to which "tranny mess" he'd like to dress, he replies Britney Spears. Aw, and we thought she was on the up-and-up! What would he do for her? Hook it up for the VMAs, Christian, seriously. Then, when asked about his model preference, he says, "I'm over the five-eight-ers. I mean, Kate Moss? She's a stumpy stump!" Guess we know who's not walking in his upcoming fashion show. Finally, when he described his ideal runway walk, we were treated to one fierce finger wag. Click above to experience His Fierceness for yourselves. —Sharon Clott

Christian Siriano on his "Dream Tranny Customer" [Flypaper/Bluefly]