Video: The ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Institute of Technology and Glaminator 11.0


One of those weaves must have grown roots into Tyra Banks's brain because she has taken the next season of America's Next Top Model to a whole new level. Above you can watch a preview of the makeover segment of cycle eleven, which premieres in one week. They're on a Star Trek set, and the modelscontestants and Jay Manuel and Miss Jay are wearing spaceship costumes. Oh, excuse us — did we say Star Trek? We meant the Top Model Institute of Technology. Miss Jay says, "Here at the Top Model Institute of Technology we build better models." Manuel tells the girls they're going to stuff them each in the "Glaminator 11.0," enter their data and find out how to make them a better model. It's all kind of frightening. But rather than being bizarre in a "isn't Tyra so fun and wacky!" kind of way, it's scary — like in a "I can't believe someone thought about this enough to actually come up with it" kind of way. Oh, what does cycle twelve have in store?

ANTM 11.01 Sneak Peek: Semi-Final Make-overs [Top Model Gossip]