Video: Tyra Banks Reminisces About Teen Modeling With Kimora Lee Simmons


You know what they say: Behind every great woman is Tyra Banks. Kimora Lee Simmons is no exception. In this video clip from E! News, "T" explains that when she and "K" were 18 and 17, respectively, and modeling in Milan, she was K's greatest mentor. "She didn't have rhythm … I'd teach her how to roll her hips sexy," T says. K was clueless when it came to modeling, too. "I taught her how to, like, model different poses, how to model sexy, how to smile with her eyes," T continues. And oh, and they were so silly when they dined together. "She would eat kind of slow — and I'm greedy — so she would eat and put her folk and knife down and I'd think, Okay she's done. And while we're talking I'd finish her food and she'd look down and she's like, 'I'm not finished yet!' and I'm like, 'You're too slow — I ate it!'" We bet Kimora loves it when Tyra talks about this stuff.

Tyra Schools Kimora [Hulu]